In Store Services

ShirtSame day drycleaning and shirt service if in by 9am.

Available Monday – Friday


We are a Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaners. We use only the best soaps and sizing and have expertly trained personnel to operate and spot on your clothes.

Laundered Shirts:
We offer competitive pricing and superior service, along with button replacement.

We can provide alterations for everything from a simple hem to wedding dresses, swimsuits to relining. Our normal turn-around is 2 days and can often get the done sooner in emergency situations. Minor repairs taking less than 3 minutes are free with cleaning and pressing.

Household Goods:
Comforters (wash or dry-clean), blankets and throws, afghans, sleeping bags, curtains and drapes (including take down–re-hang), tablecloths, needle point, bedroom pillows and some decorator pillows, American Flags are cleaned free of charge.

Expert alterations, cleaning, finishing, preservation for the entire wedding party. Clean only and press only are also available.

Fire and Flood damage:
We have 30 years experience with restoration cleaning, with ozone treatment and odor removal agents.

Other Items:
Choir robes, costumes, uniforms, antique clothes and textiles, wash-dry-fold and bulk cleaning.

Items We Send Out:
Leathers, furs, area rugs, hats, and other items including purses and Ugg boots are sent to A company called “Leather Care” in Seattle. We have been good customers for them for more than 30 years and they take special care of our customers.